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Poster: simon c Date: Jan 8, 2004 7:23am
Forum: iacl Subject: Re: Books with no download links

Thanks for the info. Sorry this isn't 100 percent clear right now, but some of these books are currently unavailable on the site because of copyright restrictions, but where possible, there's a link on the entry page to the site, also Internet Archive-related, where the correct permissions are in place and you can view the book in question.

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Poster: qq1122qq Date: Jan 8, 2004 7:41pm
Forum: iacl Subject: Re: Books with no download links

Yes, most of the missing books are linked to the IACL site. Some, however, are not.

In particular, I'm talking about the following books, scanned by the University of Florida, which have a listed publication date of 1851 --

81352 The fairy godmothers :
81353 Hurrah for New England!, or, The Virginia boy's vacation
81354 Turns of fortune
81355 Emilie the peacemaker
81356 The solitary of Juan Fernandez, or, The real Robinson Crusoe
81357 A grandmother's recollections
81358 The World's Fair, or, Childrens' prize gift book of the Great Exhibition of 1851
81359 National series of selections for reading
81360 Golden steps to respectability, usefulness, and happiness
81361 The Book of enterprise & adventure
81362 Cousin Hatty's hymns and twilight stories
81364 The the [sic] diving bell, or, Pearls to be sought for
81365 Brotherly love
81366 Small means and great ends
81367 A practical directory for young Christian females
81368 The pearl box
81369 No, and other stories
81370 Pictures of Sweden
81371 The old bell of independence, or, Philadelphia in 1776
81372 The Illustrated London reading book

Folders for these exist on , but the contents are inaccessible.

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Poster: simon c Date: Jan 8, 2004 11:42pm
Forum: iacl Subject: Re: Books with no download links

Ah, good catch, Sir! That hard drive had to be repaired recently from a back-up, and it looks like some of the directories got inadvertently set read only during that recovery process. I believe I just fixed it - feel free to confirm.

If you're particularly interested in the Florida collection, they're going to continue coming online over the next few days, and then we're going to modify the site so you can browse by original source 'University Of Florida' or similar. Plus I believe someone is going to edit the Children's Library collection to mention the University Of Florida's excellent contribution directly in there.

Thanks again,